Busy Signal Studios is a first-rate recording studio located in Santa Clarita, Ca., owned and operated by Jerry Danielsen. We feature Pro Tools producing for CD releases and artist demos, as well as arrangements for song writers, bringing songs to life.  We have worked with hundreds of musicians over the years.

We also incorporate MIDI and digital editing into activities like music scoring for film and video productions with sound design and audio post-production.

We specialize in customizing products toward specific individual goals. In addition to recording live music, Busy Signal Studios has been involved in a wide range of audio and visual projects over the years: feature film, TV, and cable soundtracks; educational, instructional, and recreational video underscore; jingles; music for theatrical and university projects; and much more. Music recorded in our studio ranges from classical to punk, and jazz to rock. Hundreds of artists have been produced here including the legendary John Bergamo, and gold record artists – Smile Empty Soul, among others.

Busy Signal Studios owner Jerry Danielsen completed his own CD “Seasons of Paper” and his latest “Deaf Ears” and soundtrack CD “Music: Just Add Film”,  as well as arranging Charlene’s re-release of the hit “I’ve Never Been To Me.” In addition, the music and sound design for five Santa Clarita Repertory Theatre plays was recorded here, as well as many film scores.

We have worked with LA County Raceway, Power 104 and The Valencia Resource and Development Company; developed valuable infomercials; recorded and edited audio books, including Ann Cooks’ top seller “American Accent Training” and produced radio commercials. Again, we emphasize our ability to fulfill songwriter and/or band music recording production, CD or video/commercial post-production needs such as sweetening, ADR, foley, voice over, digital editing, sound design and music composition. 
Jerry Danielsen, the owner/operator of Busy Signal Studios, earned degrees from both California Institute of the Arts and Sound Master Audio/Video Institute. His music includes performances of his contemporary chamber music were featured at concert halls in the U.S., Europe, and India, over 15 film scores, and much more.

Busy Signal Studios is a member of BMI, NARAS and other groups. The studio’s network of top-notch musicians ensures that whatever your needs — harp, violin, trumpet, percussion, oboe, car crash, telephone or barnyard animals — you get the real, sampled or synthesized sounds you desire.