Music Composition, Sound Design, Editing, Orchestration and Conducting
“Game Over” – Affinity Films, 1996 Film; Video Distribution “Terrifying Tales” – Platinum Productions, 1991 Cable TV and Video Distribution
 “College Girls” – Ace Productions, 1996 Pay-Per-View and Video Distribution “Cellar Doors” – Paul Bunnell, 1990 Film; Cable TV and Video Distribution 
“Wolvy” – Todd Tucker Productions, 1996 Fox Television “The Jack LaLanne Special” – Shokus Video, 1990 Cable TV and Video Distribution
“That Little Monster” – Ottermole Pictures, 1994 Film(With Bob Hope); DVD Distribution and Theatre “Maps To Stars’ Graves” – Amvest Video, 1989 Cable TV and Video Distribution
“Sunyata” – I.E. Productions, 1993 Film; Video Distribution and Theatre “Body Politic” – Betzy Bromberg, 1987 Film; International Theatre
“Peace” – John Fox, 1992 Film; Video Distribution and Theatre “Final Destination Unknown” – Paul Bunnell, 1986 Film; Cable TV and Video Distribution
“Red Rose Fantasy” – Pirate Pictures, 1992 Pay-Per-View and Video Distribution “Obliteration” – Paul Mack, 1984 Film; Cable TV and Video Distribution
“Race Car Documentaries” Vol. I, II, III – Shokus Video, 1991 Cable TV and Video Distribution “The Visitant” – Paul Bunnell, 1982 Film; Cable TV and Video Distribution

“GV6 The Odyssey” – Graffiti Verite Documentary Series – 2006

“The Little Chair” – CineVerses, 2014; Internet and DVD availability

“Rage Of Innocence” – (Feature) Pirromount, 2014; Theatre and DVD Distribution                                

“Masquerade” – JMP Productions, 2010

“Background Noise” – CineVerses, 2014; Internet and DVD availability

“Marketing To Death” – CineVerses, 2015; Internet and DVD availability



Music Composition, Arrangement and Sound Design
“The Majestic Kid”  Santa Clarita Repertory Theatre              March – April 2000
“One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest” Stella Adler Theatre – Hollywood           September – October 2000
“Follow the Sun” SCRT – Traveling locations
(Theatres and Schools) – 1997
“Running Silver”

SCRT – Traveling locations
(Theatres and Schools) – 1997

“The Buck Stops Here

“Karma – The Awakening”

Pasadena Playhouse and other Theatres – 2004

El Portal Theatre – 2015



 Music Teacher

Group and Private Lessons, 1987 – Present.
Expert instruction for piano, guitar, bass, composition and theory. Focus on multiple styles — classical, commercial, rock, jazz, funk — at all levels.

Studio Musician

Playing and improvising for thousands of recordings and live performances. 

Musical Director

College of the Canyons, 1999-2000
Music selection, coordination, instruction and arrangement of theatre department projects.

Producer, Arranger, Recording & Mixing Engineer

Busy Signal Studios, 1984 – Present.
See attachment – “Busy Signal Studios”

  World Wide Digital Productions, Inc., 1998 – 1999. Mixing engineer for “Pocahontas II” (Portuguese), “The Lion King II” (Spanish), “Snow White” (Spanish)
  Sound Adventures, 1996 – 2002.
Music production, digital editing and software consultant.
  Crystal Sound Studio, 1993 – 2008.
Audio post-production, mixing and recording.

Literary Editor & Author

“Volume Number Magazine,” 1982 – 2000.

Co-founder, contributor and editor of the nationally recognized poetry magazine.  Co-founder of

Los Angeles Poets Press – published “What!?” – 1984,  “Against The Fog” -2003,  “Spiritual Ennui” – 2006, “Transmit Love” – 2011, Background Noise” – 2014



Bachelor of Fine Arts, Music Composition, California Institute of the Arts, 1992.

Recording Engineering & Production Certification, Sound Master Audio-Video Institute, 1982.

Associate of Arts, Liberal Arts, College of the Canyons, 1979.