Music Lessons

Private Music Lessons

Jerry Danielsen has been giving music lessons for over 25 years.

He provides private, professional instruction for guitar, piano, vocals, bass and more – taking a student through advanced levels.

Jerry also teaches drums, saxophone, violin, clarinet, cello, flute and more – through intermediate levels.

In addition to learning what it takes to play “popular” music, all types of music are on the table, including classical, jazz and rock.

We can also go deeply into music theory, note reading, arrangement, composition and more.

Private tutoring for high school and college class assignments is also available.

Regular recitals are also given.

Please contact us for lessons rates and policies.


Group Music Lessons – Band Project

It’s an exciting “working together” musical experience where musicians and singers of similar ages and styles get the chance to learn songs, rehearse and get “tight” together, taking their music to the next level – and perform their songs on stage for an audience, or record their songs together.

Our Seasonal Band Project classes meet once a week (60 minutes) for six weeks, with 3-5 players in each “group”.  You even get to help choose the songs your band will perform or record! (Original songs welcome) Each band will learn three songs over the course of six weeks and then do a live performance!

Here are some of the things you’ll be doing:

  • Playing with other musicians
  • Improvising and playing solos
  • Reading charts & Lead Sheets
  • Using cool gear to get the right sound
  • Practicing – rehearsal techniques
  • Performing


Please contact us for rates and policies.